[rey - dahr - og - ruh - fee]

Geography from space.

Unhindered by clouds
or darkness.


Surveyed by Satellites

Radar satellites are constantly monitoring every square kilometer of Earth's surface to create a better understanding of the intricacies of this dynamic world that we all call home. These satellites use a technology called Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to deliver insights that help decision makers better understand and adapt as the future unfolds before their eyes.

Collections every:

12 days*



Data going back to:


*Based on Sentinel 1 constellation design specifications


Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2023

Our Products

Providing an information advantage

Whether your organization needs to track valuable commodities, understand land use patterns, or just see the world from a new perspective, our team is rolling out products to create a better understanding of the planet.


Our data interface is designed with the end-user in mind. The data is formatted to frame the user's object of interest and is presented in easy-to-manage small data files for download and dissemination.


Measure terrestrial features to within centimeter level accuracy and geo-reference the results against an ever-improving global digital elevation model.


Our proprietary processing algorithms create images of unparalleled clarity from these powerful data feeds. Customized colorization of the resultant pixels provides a new and intuitive way to see the intricate textures of the world below.


Secure portal for making purchases, accessing images, and analyzing results. Designed to ensure your data remains private and protected.


Choose from a variety of image sizes, colorizations, time separations, and more.

Powerful Insights

Unlock a world of understanding with powerful insights from our imagery. From tracking environmental changes to monitoring urban development, SAR imagery offers a wealth of data that can lead to informed decisions and innovative solutions.

Cost Effective

We're redefining the market by offering unparalleled value at a fraction of the cost of dedicated tasking solutions. Whether you're interested in one-time use or continuous surveillance, we offer cost-effective solutions at competitive prices.

Fast Processing

Image delivery in as little as 3 hours after collection, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly. Subject to Sentinel-1 collection scheduling.

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